rotating orbit

Cloud-native distributed platform for ambitious enterprises

Create APIs, integrations, and microservices. Build complex end-to-end business processes. Automate workflows

Platform Modules


Cloud studio allows easily build microservices with low code and drag&drop interface


Platformeco provides the functionality to debug your flows easily. You can see the execution paths inside your flows, all the data changes, states of context on each particular step


Follow the history of deployed jobs, traffic in every environment with controls for deployment, including CI/CD, manual deploy to production & modules status


Get information about your app in each of environments with deployment modules. In each of them number of instances, inbound and outbound traffic and number of restarts are indicated


Receive notifications about events in the system, as well as get a process of monitoring the state of the system. Get information about the total number of requests completed as well as those for each of the definitions, types of errors appeared, where and time


Track incidents and investigate performance issues, errors and logic execution behaviour in details with the functionality of detailed logging of each interaction


Sleep well as you control the state of the system. Get notifications about the key events the way you want: Email, Telegram, Slack, HTTP Request or by UI

Recent product news and updates

Tackle the most challenging integration projects

rotating orbit
rotating orbit
rotating orbit
rotating orbit
Replace/ upgrade point-to-point and ESB integrations

Integration landscape modernization

ERP modernization

Replace/ upgrade legacy systems

B2B/ B2G ecosystems

Integrate with myriad of partners
Standardize and organize API landscape

API Management implementation

Make instant decisions with the data from fragmented systems

Real-time data consolidation

Build a unified software landscape after corporate transactions

Post-M&A integration

Create internal and external apps & systems

Digital products based on many IT systems & e-commerce

End-to-end order and supply chain management

Build and automate complex business processes

Explore success stories

Offline retail to e-commerce transformation in 3 days during COVID

locations transformed to dark stores
higher online traffic
Cross-functional business process transformation
2 months
to return to pre-COVID sales volume

Migration from legacy ERP to microservices in 6 months

faster time-to-market for digital products
faster new employee onboarding
reduction in deal time

Replacing legacy ESB integrations with APIs

1 petabyte
of daily data exchange volume
Advanced observability deployment
6 months
to complete the project

Launch of an employee app with no backend developers

faster changes and updates
faster issue tracing and detection
5 million
transactions daily across 100 stores

Integration with the government supply chain tracing software

middle developer to complete the project
2.5 million
transactions daily
1 week
to build integration layer

Wonder why enterprise customers choose us?

rotating orbit
rotating orbit
rotating orbit
rotating orbit
99.9% uptime
Loads of any magnitude are handled
Advanced observability and transparency
Issue detection and tracing within minutes

Reliable operation

Full control

Advanced on-premise deployment
Access to source code
Customizations without vendor involvement

Project delivery acceleration

80% faster time-to-value
10x less errors & breakdowns
50%+ API reuse rate
Transparent and predictable software development
Certified by EAL4 in compliance with ISO/IEC 15 408−3:2008
Access management
Up to 70% API governance automation


Independent distributed teams
Streamlined transfer of responsibilities between individual members
10 days for platform onboarding

Cross-functional collaboration