your business with Platformeco

How it works
Technology platform, allows Product & Project teams easily build micro services using drag & drop UI and operate it, within out of the box cloud and CI/CD tools with deep tracing & monitoring.

Platformeco follows 100% decentralised approach, each team has its own isolated instance

Benefits and use cases

For business
For IT
Platformeco has a low entry threshold, which allows quick tangible effect from implementation

Get fast results

Reduce time-to-market

The drag-and-drop interface allows analysts to create business logic and generate a microservice without involving developers and DevOps

Empower your product teams

Platformeco provides all the necessary tools to create, debug and operate microservices
Platformeco standardizes the approach to IT development, which improves budgeting

Predict cost & manage timelines

Platform provides environment for quick experiments with digital solutions

Speed up digital transformation

Focus experienced developers on- truly complicated tasks

The platform can help release highly skilled developers from routine tasks and focus them on truly complex development
Platformeco allows to run microservices in any public cloud or data center

Run microservice in public or private cloud

Standardizes the approach to the microservices development, which allows better prediction of product costs

Predict your IT budget

Scale your products

Platformeco provides tools for microservices autoscaling

Improve operation quality & stability

Speeds-up incident resolution through the built-in monitoring and tracking tools

Ensure IT landscape transparency

Platformeco allows to build a loosely coupled architecture of your IT landscape

Enterprise Composition & Automation Platform


Cloud studio allows easily build microservices with low code and drag&drop interface


Platformeco provides the functionality to debug your flows easily. You can see the execution paths inside your flows, all the data changes, states of context on each particular step


Follow the history of deployed jobs, traffic in every environment with controls for deployment, including CI/CD, manual deploy to production & modules status


Get information about your app in each of environments with deployment modules. In each of them number of instances, inbound and outbound traffic and number of restarts are indicated


Receive notifications about events in the system, as well as get a process of monitoring the state of the system. Get information about the total number of requests completed as well as those for each of the definitions, types of errors appeared, where and time


Track incidents and investigate performance issues, errors and logic execution behaviour in details with the functionality of detailed logging of each interaction


Sleep well as you control the state of the system. Get notifications about the key events the way you want: Email, Telegram, Slack, HTTP Request or by UI


Order a demo and we  will tell you how the  Platform works

Why us

Eat your own dog food, as part of LMRU & ADEO group we built Platformeco for us, and we use it everyday, so we are really motivated to build really great product
We are very flexible product, with an outstanding level of customization
We are open, Plugin System, Community Club & Innersource
We go beyond the vendor support, we transform the company, educate people about modern technology, train citizen developers, make truly fusion teams, help with Architecture and support to achieve the result
We are very advanced for complex tasks, Really Production Low Code
We are live & dynamic, continuously improving
Platformeco is certified by EAL4 compliance with ISO/IEC 15 408−3:2008
Priority on security

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